Our Favorite Coffee Resource Sites

Here’s are some of my favorite resources. Hope you find them helpful too.

Home Roasting

Sweet Maria’s: Covers practically any topic of home roasting.
Coffee Bean Corral: Hawaiian coffee beans site selling online.
Coffee Wholesalers: The latest coffee gizmos for home roasters.
Treasures Coffee & Tea Company: A family-owned Sun Valley, California micro-roaster with over 50 years of experience.
Coffee Bean Direct: New Jersey roaster
Stanton Coffee Roasters: Award winning coffees from their “Racing Roaster”; Stanton Coffee has been motoring since ’99.

Information and Review Sites

Coffee FAQ: Everything you ever wanted know about Coffee
CoffeeGeek: Features equipment roundups and consumer reviews
www.Coffeeholic.link: Only a few years old but already a helpful source of Espresso machine and grinder information
Coffee History: The full history of Coffee…
Schomer’s Table: A comprehensive guide to all elements of the coffee world.
The Coffee Research Organization: Useful information site on coffee basics including espresso and roasting
Water FAQ: Write up linking water quality with coffee and espresso

Personal Blogs

A table in the corner of the cafe:  excellent site run by Drew Moody reviewing coffee and cafes you
FrshGrnd: Blog by Aaron which focuses on the New York coffee scene
Coffee in Denver: A small column that has some interesting coffee articles

Coffee Competitions

Big Eastern
Coffee Fest Chicago

Trade Organizations & Magazines

Roast Magazine: The go-to resource across the entire coffee industry
SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America)
Roasters Guild: Official Trade Guild of the SCAA