4 Healthy Reasons to Keep Drinking Coffee


There has been a constant argument whether coffee is bad or not. Many would ask you to stop drinking while there would still be a million more advocates, like me, who would fight their way to encourage coffee drinking. Basically, like anything else under the sun, it has its pros and cons.

I do not intend to add more to your readings. However, here’s some reasons to help you decide. Let me highlight 4 of the top reasons why coffee is still good for your health.

  1. Coffee fights cancer.

Studies have confirmed that coffee is infused with antioxidants, which serves us a reliable weapon against those nasty cancer cells, even better than green tea or cocoa.

Recent studies explain that having approximately 6 cups daily won’t hurt you, and are actually best to reduce the risk of this dreaded disease.

  1. Caffeine backs up your fleeting memory.

A recent experiment with coffee drinkers has asserted that at least 100 mg of caffeine stimulates cerebrum action in the brain. This suggests that coffee helps you remember more, long-term.

  1. Coffee is your guard against intellectual decay.

Experts say at least three espressos a day fights neurodegenerative sicknesses away. Drink this much and you will reduce the risk by 65%.

Neurodegenerative diseases may include, but not limited to, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s which can further lead to dementia. I think it’s safe to say that coffee keeps you remember and on track.

  1. Coffee is good for your heart.

There were more than thirty thousand coffee drinkers who were sampled in the span of thirteen years. Results show that they have people who drink at least two cups a day, has a 20% lower risk compared to those who drink less or none at all.

There are many other debates and proof about how good coffee is for your health. My take here is for you to check it with your physician first. If he says, you are healthy enough or do not have any negative reactions to caffeine then drink coffee. Just remember that moderation is key.