Four Tips to Dramatically Improve Your Coffee


Coffee has continuously satisfied many of us for the longest time and still does. Drinking a cup or two takes us to a different level, to either start our busy day ahead or just boost us in those times of need, for an extra kick of inspiration.

That distinctive taste you can never forget. The sharp delectable flavor and irresistible aroma make a coffee right. You may like your coffee now. However, I have listed some more ways to take your coffee up a notch.

1. Don’t settle with low-quality beans.


Yes, access to ‘so-so’ coffee beans in the market is easy for you and may be on the pocket, too.

However, there is better-tasting coffee, all the time. Look around.

Make sure your beans are fresh and recently packed, in the same week if possible. You don’t want to serve cups of stale coffee, right?

2. Grind Those Beans Just Before Brewing


Grind your beans with a burr processor minutes before you brew them. Doing so ensures flavor and aroma are kept locked in.

So make sure you buy whole beans, and then grind them later. If you can settle for a burr, then stick with it. Regular food processors are not made for coffee beans. If you have a blender, use it as your second best option.

3. Measure the Coffee and Water


The proportion of your coffee to water plays a vital role to its taste. Some people end up putting too much coffee or less.

Go from 1:1 – 1:4 depending on your preference.

4. Drink it Black


While milk might be a good addition to your coffee, I suggest you drink it black. You do not need to add so much to make it great. This makes your coffee with fewer calories than with milk, and less price!

So there go my four quick fixes to a more delightful espresso. Enjoy!