Hi, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Damon Nate, and I am proud to say that this site is my masterpiece and that two of the things I loved the most are coffee and writing.

Blogging, to me, was just out of curiosity at first. Pouring my heart out and expressing my thoughts over Chicago Coffee Scene was only to test my skills if any.

Before long, the site started to attract a few readers. Little did I know that constant blogging about coffee would lead to feathering my nest.

Writing for Chicago Coffee Scene suddenly had so many perks into it.

My initial remunerations allowed me to build the site up aka Chicago Coffee Scene version 2.0. This included reaching out with other coffee lovers, those who almost cannot live without a cup daily and enjoying eye-opening discussions with some key players in the coffee industry.

It took me about two years to convert myself from an immaculate beginner who expounds on coffee for the sake of blogging to an expert who continuously learns and earns with everything coffee.

I could never be happier, now that my two most favorite things in the world are inseparable. This is literally a double shot, a strong one. If you want a similar dose of pleasure, I suggest grab a cup, or two, first and read on about espresso at its finest.

Best regards,

Damon Nate