Advertise with Us


If you happen to be a maker of espresso machines, whether it is gourmet or for home use, consider advertising with us! We have under our wing just the exact market for you, and even more!

At Chicago Coffee Scene, a significant percentage of our readers, if not all, when asked about coffee, would describe themselves either as snobs or “serious about my espresso.” The very few who are still drinking mass brands are actively looking for “their” machines.

Our readers have developed so much care for coffee; that they would not mind spending money on it.

We never intended to overwhelm our readers with advertisements, but we also would like them to have their options. Thus, a 250 * 250 space is available for you to promote your brand on a shoestring – $215 monthly.

If you think that amount is a little too much for the budget, we can create links to allow landing pages for you, good for a week’s duration at $25 for every 300 words. Just prepare your material and we will take it from there. If writing is not your forte yet don’t want to spend more, don’t worry! We can also help with the content. Let us know any specifications and we’ll provide you a draft.

Those who have advertised with us in the past return to us once in a while. They are now starting to become household names, thanks to our readers.

If you would like to give this a shot, please let us know!